Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumors - Liver

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Duke Cancer Center

Duke Cancer Center

So how did I get to here?  Sitting on the porch,  cool breeze,  contemplating the uncertainty about my future and at the same time, inside, I feel confident about my future.

About eight years ago this comming November I began having some small health issues.  While laying on my back going to sleep my gut would get a painful feeling. The majority of my life pain and sickness had been pretty much simple and ignored by me. Kidney stones and a worn out shoulder joint was about all I had taken a break from routine life to resolve. Never had I been to a doctor for flu, pneumonia or even strep as a child.  I know now I had the illnesses but always got over them just fine. This pain persisted to every night and after eating a heavy meal.  Boy I could put it away.  Eating was like a hobby and snacked from supper until bed. It became intolerable to the point I would have to sit up in bed and lean forward to ease the pain.  Later I had to get up and sit while leaned over tightly with my head to my knees.  This occurred to extreme when I would eat a quart or so of grain cereal.

After a few weeks of this I decided to seek medical care for relief.   Looked like age was starting to catch up with me and my eating habits.  My dad told me that one day all the hot sauce,  peppers, acid tomatoes and all the other crazy variety of foods was going to catch up with me.

Went to the doc. He kept poking around my stomach.  I told him over and over through test after test the pain was lower, just below the belly button.  After scans, blood work,  drinking volumes of dyes, numerous medicines, the diagnosis was diverticulitis. Makes sense, gotta know what the problem is to properly fix it.

More trips to the doc.  Many more scans, medicine changes during the next year or so.  Pain would still come but only got real bad every couple weeks or so. Just something to live with so no problem.


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