The Visitor

He lives near Pinnacle and has a vegetable stand in Winston. Used to sale insurance then worked as a finish carpenter with his son who was a contractor. He’s 85 years old and comes to the church in front of our house on W. Devon Dr. About 2 or 3 times a month.
He was visiting the church tonight but they didn’t have service so he just stopped in to find out if it was cancelled.
Stayed about 45 minutes. Talked about a wide range of things. Really was concerned about his wife just finding out she had cancer an was to begin chemotherapy and radiation. .he wanted to know how it may affect her. He was so worried for her. Read all he could find about treatments. We discussed quite a bit of natural cures or help. It all comes back to my belief that all cures or treatment comes from God and he has put all in the natural vegetation and minerals. I will be trying olive leaf extract. It will be Interesting. It is said will slow or shrink tumor growth. So next time or two I go for scans we will see. Mine are slow growth, thanks God, but have gone from 14 to twenty some. No cure or treatment is available. If a tumor starts giving pain or other problem God works thru the doc an they go in an cut off most of the blood flow to the tumor. This has worked for a while to shrink the tumor some.
Mentally and emotionally seems like friends and strangers give some kind of boost to me. Heather is burdened with worry and my lack of doing much due to fatigue. We have had some interesting miracles. This man and the timing was one for he and usm


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