Carcinoid Neuroendocrine Tumors - Liver

Some Things I Do Know

Anyone know of any cancer support group in or near Mount Airy?

I tried a national group. They tried to have all the answers. Told me about doctors I just “had” to use.

Somethings I do know,
cancer is common but not routine
No two cancers are exactly alike
No two people are exactly alike
There is a difference between discomfort and pain
Symptoms can be treated
Some cancers cannot be treated much less cured
Treatment for one individual with the same type cancer can kill the other
I like to discuss mine, some do not
I dont know what I think about my cancer
I dont know how to feel
Cancer can overshadow all good experiences
It can creep into your mind often when things are going good
You have to choose if the cancer doesn’t do it for you between non aggressive and aggressive approach
You have to choose if the cancer doesn’t do it for you between potential treatment and quality of life
Many of us never ask why me
We would be lost without faith..not to cure but to lean on
All friends are valuable not for what they can do for you but for what they are
Friends cannot realize their value
You really dont want to know about when you’re going to die
Staying upbeat is good medicine
Allowing time for depression is good medicine
Doctors dont know as much as we assume they do or should
You must take charge of your care..not doctors
God can heal all
I dont have to like or share to know I believe or to prove anything
Cancer is not the number one and wife are
Life goes on with or without you

Author – me

Unless I find one suitable, I will research resources and organize a local group.
No need to drive out of town or area, we do enough running for doctor visits.


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